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Opening Roffey Park’s Innovation Hub – a space to work, collaborate and network

May 31, 2022 11:11 am

Roffey Park Institute is delighted to announce the official opening of our brand-new Innovation Hub.

The Hub is designed to be a thriving community for businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs with fully equipped, private office space.

Prior to the pandemic, The Hub was an office space for Roffey Park staff, when working on-site was the norm. Fast forward 24 months and with hybrid working and hot-desking the norm, the office space quickly became empty and quiet.

After some deliberation and clever innovation, it was decided that the empty office space be transformed into a hub of business activity, entrepreneurship and an inspiring place to work.

Each office space comes fully equipped with furniture, internet access via superfast, safe and stable Wi-fi and a fully staffed reception service. Roffey Park now has 18 fully serviced office spaces suitable for up to 5 people each.

The Hub aligns with Roffey Park’s mission and purpose, to transform and change the workplace for the better.

This week we sat down with two of Roffey Park’s first Hub residents; Stephen Lynch, Director of KPL Knowledge Solutions and Greig Orrell, Regional Director of SigniFlow, to see what they thought of working at The Hub.

KPL is a specialist technical training solutions provider, offering training, consultancy and translation services to customers across the globe. SigniFlow is the only eSignature platform that allows the customer to choose between Electronic Signatures and Digital Signatures at no additional cost.

Stephen told us, “being lucky enough to have been working with Roffey Park prior to the initiative, we were very excited to hear about The Hub and delighted to be the first customer to move into the new office community.”

When asked if The Hub has been suitable for all needs required, Stephen drew on the fully serviced reception, free parking, access to refreshments and a first-class restaurant, up to date meeting and training rooms and lounge area as highlights.

Stephen then went on to mention that the stunning surroundings provide the much-needed opportunity to step away from the desk at lunch. “As a training provider growing year-on-year, The Hub provides everything we need to relieve the pressure of running a busy organisation.”

Roffey park grounds

Greig expressed a similar opinion. He explained, “The Hub is very much an environment designed for business. You feel inspired coming here when people are doing leadership, management and organisational training. There is a real buzz about the building.”

When asked if he would recommend The Hub to other organisations, Greig replied, “anybody that is in an environment that wants to feel like they are part of an organisation that is supporting other businesses then without a doubt yes – it is a win-win.”

Stephen agreed, “If you are looking for a modern, professional, friendly and supportive environment with added benefits of the beautiful countryside, leisure facilities and easy access to Gatwick and London, then we would recommend The Hub to any small business looking to make the move to a serviced office environment.”

Roffey Park’s Innovation Hub does not just offer the professional space for your organisation, but the opportunity to network and collaborate with us and fellow businesses that may be on site.

Over the years both Roffey Park and KPL have developed a strong relationship and a good understanding of the needs and challenges each are facing. The proximity and interaction that The Hub provides have allowed us to support each other on occasion. KPL has been delivering tailored training programmes on-site since 2017.

As a specialist technical training provider, KPL has been able to support Roffey Park with technical consultation and a SharePoint training rollout to staff, with further training planned. Stephen explained how “in turn we (KPL) have been able to showcase Roffey Park’s world-class learning environment and have made this available for our customers.”

Likewise, Roffey Park Institute and SigniFlow have shared success and continue to do so thanks to The Hub. Greig explained how “Roffey Park were interested in going digital and using an electronic signature platform and they now use our software. It works for both of us because my client is one door down and their supplier is one door down. Rather than the end of the phone, it’s the other side of the door, it works really well.”

Furthermore, SigniFlow introduced Roffey Park to organisations within their network that now visit once a week. There are now 35 local organisations that meet on-site for breakfast every Wednesday morning where they get the chance to share local knowledge, support local business and network with one another.

restaurant roffey park institute

SigniFlow has become a big supporter of Roffey Park, frequently using the facilities for award functions and private dinners. Greig went on to add “I have now moved my London based quarterly meetings for staff in the UK to Roffey Park Institute. The staff really enjoy it, for them it is a way to get out of the concrete jungle of London, they feel inspired by it.”

Both KPL and SigniFlow are organisations whose purpose and mission align with that of Roffey Park’s. Both organisations have inspired and ambitious plans for the future with SigniFlow looking to continue growing its footprint in the UK and Europe. KPL remain dedicated to continuously meeting the demands of a constantly evolving training market, earning trust and becoming the partner of choice for all.

If you are interested as an entrepreneur, business owner or director in exploring the opportunities of Roffey Park’s Innovation Hub, contact us today.

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