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The bouncebackability of Roffey Park Institute

June 17, 2022 2:52 pm

Bouncebackability is a term coined by ex-football manager Ian Dowie after his team, Crystal Palace, showed great resilience and courage in gaining promotion after lurking on the fringes of relegation earlier that year. Defying all odds, Dowie’s side bounced back from defeat after defeat to stage an incredible late surge to see them promoted to the Premier League.

Bouncebackability means the capacity to recover quickly from a setback and was introduced into the Oxford Dictionary in 2005. Although it is usually used in sporting terms, it really does work in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Most organisations faced drastic changes and setbacks when the pandemic hit. For a while, relief packages and furlough allowed for the lucky organisations to stay afloat. But for industries like the hospitality sector, everybody knew this would not, and frankly could not, last forever.

The team at Roffey Park Institute, despite the uncertainty, remained positive and motivated. As most would say, the hallmark of the Roffey Park experience really is the people. It is about the incredible hospitality team that thrives off social interaction. The Roffey Park experience can be life-changing and our on-site team certainly do contribute to this.

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Nigel Dean, Director of Roffey Park Services said: ‘At the beginning of the pandemic we made a commitment to our staff that we would do everything we could to preserve their employment status. Despite the crisis lasting far longer than anybody could have imagined, we managed to emerge intact.’

Fast forward to the present and Roffey Park Institute is beginning to look like its pre-covid self. Just in the last month, we have welcomed a large number of different cohorts to our site for the use of our conference, meeting and training facilities. The turn of the year saw unprecedented uplift in enquiries and business has been brisk throughout the spring with a bulging order book into the summer.

As Ian Dowie would say, Roffey Park Institute showed tremendous bouncebackability.

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