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What do we expect from 2023?

January 10, 2023 3:05 pm

We predicted 2022 would be the year that face-to-face activity not only returned but flourished and we were right. Once we reopened our doors for in-person activity, we recorded high numbers and strong occupancy. Looking outwards; the return of concerts, festivals and sporting events saw tickets sell out in no time and business events, conferences and conventions return with a boom.

So, looking ahead, what do we think 2023 will have in store for us? How will the landscape of face-to-face activity and business meetings evolve over the next year? Let’s take a look.

  • Hybrid working will continue but expect to see face-to-face meetings increase. We discovered that online meetings work and at first we enjoyed the luxury of doing business from home. Despite this, the general feeling amongst us is that we favour in-person activity and are now willing to trade working from home for more frequent in-office work.
  • Expect to see a surge of new talent following the popular ‘great resignation’ as well as the 200,000-strong exodus in the hospitality sector. This wave of new ideas and new ways of thinking will see a change in standard practice and reinvigorate organisations.
  • Momentum for large-scale business events will continue. People are more eager to learn new skills today than ever before amid a competitive job market. Expect to see business events, conferences and conventions skyrocket in popularity.
  • Team training programmes are set to reach new heights with employers fighting to gain a competitive advantage in highly competitive markets. Investing in teams will be at the top of most organisations’ lists this year, with employers opting to upskill staff rather than outsourcing new talent to save costs.
  • Due to the turbulent last couple of years, venue providers and organisers have become more aware of the needs and requirements of clients. Expect this more empathetic approach to continue throughout 2023.

Being at the forefront of people development and organisational learning, we tend to be ahead of the curve, making us best placed to accommodate these predictions. As a leading learning and training venue, as well as the perfect place to host larger-scale events, get in touch today and start your 2023 the right way.

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