The 5 must-haves for a great learning venue

September 8, 2022 3:01 pm

The beach towels have been stored away, the suitcases are back in the loft and the summer holidays have come to an end. It is not all doom and gloom however as venues compete to ensure going ‘back to school’ is as fun, engaging and impactful as ever.

The old adage ‘knowledge is power’ comes to mind. Well, power perhaps in terms of giving yourself, your teams and your organisations the best chance of success. Whether that be a success in managing change, success in building a high-performing team, success in output and results or success in your personal aspirations. The need to continually learn and develop is still as important as ever.

So, as learning and training venues compete to facilitate your learning and training needs, we take a look at the 5 must-haves for a great learning venue.

Has the venue evolved to facilitate modern learning techniques?

Experiential learning or learning through the reflection of doing has now become the leading method in modern learning techniques. The top learning and development specialists incorporate several forms of experiential learning throughout their courses, much like experts at Roffey Park Institute.

The best learning venues ensure versatile spaces that can handle whatever experiential initiatives your learning session might need. This could be from hands-on activities to role-play scenarios to team-building sessions. The most modern, up-to-date and impressive learning venues will provide these spaces, if not, they risk being left behind.

Team Building roffey park

Does the learning venue suit the needs of the individual?

We have all been in a classroom that is too cold, too hot, that smells funny or is too bright or too dark. Ultimately, in places where you are comfortable, you are best placed to learn. The best learning venues ensure your needs as an individual are met so that you can focus purely on your learning journey.

Today so much emphasis is put on the learning conditions and rightly so. The best venues have spacious training rooms with big windows and plenty of natural light. The air temperature is controlled so you are not shivering or sweating. The chairs are comfortable and the tables are at a good height to guarantee a good posture. There are clean toilets nearby and coffee, tea and water stations at hand. The best places to learn, like Roffey Park Institute, make sure that all distractions are taken care of.

Puts learning first

Now, this might seem rather obvious but you would be surprised at how many institutions are still stuck in their ways. I am talking about that yes or no mindset… ‘You cannot go there’, ‘We do not allow that’, ‘You must leave the room exactly at 5pm’. Now, I am not saying become an avid rule breaker, but having too many rules is simply regressive.

What I mean by that is that the best learning venues have a ‘learner comes first’ attitude. The attitude that they will do whatever it takes to ensure that you are best placed to learn. Most venues will tell you the order of the day but the best venues will liaise with you before you arrive to tailor your visit to suit your needs. Roffey Park Institute encourage collaboration at every stage of your journey with us to guarantee your learning needs are met with no extra hassle.

Spaces to relax, unwind and dine

The best and most effective learning experiences do not end when you step out of the classroom. Most learning and training courses last a number of days. When this is the case it is important that you and your team unwind, relax and rejuvenate. The best learning venues ensure these spaces are readily available and this includes a restaurant or dining area.

Roffey Park Institute sits in the stunning English countryside and boasts a comfortable lounge area, gymnasium, swimming pool and fine-dining restaurant. We know that enjoying some good quality food and drink is one of the best ways to spend your time during a break. We take immense pride in our kitchen staff and restaurant, producing some of the finest menus using fresh ingredients from our organic kitchen garden. From smaller groups to larger classrooms, we have the capabilities to cater for all group sizes.

Roffey Park Restaurant

An area to engage and inspire

Learning is a funny concept. Yes I learnt a lot at school but after completing my final exams I felt a sense of relief, ‘finally, that’s over… what now?’. I guess that’s learning the basics, and we all do it, but I was far from inspired to conquer the world afterwards. It is the same today. Any venue can facilitate successful learning but the best venues will inspire you, encourage you and motivate you to make a real change and positive impact in your work.

The best learning venues have a great reputation. Roffey Park Institute is an international leadership institute which delivers high-impact training and development programmes. We recognise that the perfect venue is so important to the quality of the training and as a result has created an engaging and inspiring place for you to learn so that once you walk out of the doors you are ready to create a real impact in your context. This includes the introduction of our brand-new innovation hub.

To find out more about what the Roffey Park Institute team can do for your next learning and training event, contact us today.

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