What makes a great training venue?

July 7, 2022 11:51 am

A great training venue is a space that makes someone want to learn. It is an environment that encourages collaboration, connection and ambition. A successful training programme can transform your team and individuals and inspire them to achieve great things. Top training is key to any successful organisation but can only be properly achieved in the right space to learn. Here we shall take a deeper look into what makes a great training venue and why.

Location and accessibility

Location can mean a number of things. Firstly, is the venue located in a place where you can concentrate, with few natural disruptors? For example, if the venue is in the centre of a city, granted it may be easily accessible but it is likely to be busy, noisy and disruptive. On the flip side, if a training venue sits in a more peaceful, rural area, surrounded by tranquil countryside then learners are more likely to solely focus on the training.

areal view of roffey park venue

Roffey Park sits in the most stunning West Sussex countryside whilst only being a short drive from major transport links, as well as London Gatwick. Most training programmes last longer than a day, so overnight accommodation at a venue can be extremely helpful. Instead of having to source external accommodation away from your training venue, having the option of an overnight stay where you are training will help participants relax and ready themselves for the next day. Roffey Park boasts 60 spacious bedrooms that all come fully equipped to ensure you have the best night’s rest possible.

Learning environment

A great training venue has a learning environment that serves as the best possible place to learn. By this, we mean a place that takes care of all the small stresses and inconveniences so the learner can be totally focused. For example, are the training rooms clean and spacious? Is there plenty of natural light? Are the rooms not too hot or too cold? Are the toilet facilities clean and pleasant to use? Is there access to refreshments, coffee and tea? Are meals provided throughout the day? Are there areas to relax and unwind during your free time? Will the venue suit my cohort size?

Delegate Packages

It is rare that a training venue can say they do all of the above but at Roffey Park, we pride ourselves on saying we can. This includes a range of impressive training rooms suitable for small groups of learners up to larger cohorts. We are passionate about people and serious about performance. We understand people – how they work together, play together and create together. We recognise that the perfect venue is so important to the quality of the training. From tidy spacious rooms, free refreshments and access to our impressive restaurant, to our gym, swimming pool and beautiful grounds, we have created the perfect space for training.

Presentation and engagement tools

It is all well and good to say that you have a great environment for training, but it means nothing if you do not provide the tools for the training programmes to successfully run. It usually depends on what the training provider uses in their classrooms but usually, a whiteboard, ceiling-mounted projector, large-format screen, flip charts and secure Wi-Fi access, pens and paper are a minimum.

The great training venues have all of that but go the extra mile to ensure the perfect learning environment. At Roffey Park, we ensure the above but that all rooms are equipped with key additional tools. This includes capabilities for playing videos, presentation clickers for pointing during presentations and state-of-the-art Kubi Telepresence Robots that allow for remote attendees to be more immersed in the experience if they cannot attend face-to-face.

The best training venue has character and credibility so it is no surprise to see Roffey Park Institute at the forefront of organisational and people learning and training. After 75 years of facilitating training at Roffey Park Institute, we can be confident we know what it takes to provide the most effective learning environment. If you are planning your next training programme, please contact Roffey Park to find out more information.

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