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Team building at Roffey Park

At Roffey Park we know the how important a strong team is to the success of any organisation. As a result, we provide a range of services ranging from facilitated team building development workshops to a variety of half day building activities, perfect for enhancing team cohesion. Our venue, set in the idyllic Sussex countryside is a welcome contrast to the frenetic workplace, enabling teams to work, learn and have fun together.

As an internationally renowned leadership institute, we know that building high performance teams requires individuals to have self-awareness and knowledge of their different behaviours and to develop more open and empowered ways of working. From crystal maze style challenges through to problem solving, these activities challenge the mind and create a competitive environment in which all participants will flourish.

Whether it is indoor or outdoor, our venue has a range of spaces that can be adapted to suit the activity.

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The afternoon team building activity went down really well with the group, despite some of their initial reservations around the possibility of getting wet and muddy if the weather was not in our favour. The team worked well together and learnt some new skills and bonded. I would definitely recommend you to others Southern Housing