Choosing the right venue for a wedding

April 6, 2022 12:04 pm

It is the day you have dreamt of as a child, perhaps the most special day of your life so far. You wake up in a luxurious en suite, body rushing with excitement and nerves. As you draw the curtains and reach for a yawn, the still elegance of dawn rests over 40 acres of stunning English countryside. Only for a short minute the mind finds itself in a period of beautiful silence, yet this feels an eternity. As you snap back into reality, euphoria hits – today really is your wedding day.

Choosing the right venue for a wedding can be a daunting task but with the right planning and preparation it can also be an extremely enjoyable one. Here at Roffey Park we pride ourselves on providing a tailor-made, perfect backdrop for your wedding, civil ceremony or reception.

Sussex wedding venue at roffey park institute

Discuss your wedding budget

Before you do anything, sitting down and discussion your budget is a necessity. It may not be the most exciting part of your journey but it is key to a smooth and successful wedding. Start with your total spend and distribute that into other areas such as venue, food and drink, photographer etc. This will help you understand what venue is most suitable within your price range. When looking at the price of a venue understand that although some places may have one fixed price, venues like Roffey Park offer numerous different packages at different prices.


To choose the right venue you must know roughly how many guests you would like to invite. If you are planning on inviting around 50 to 100 people you will most likely need a larger venue, whereas if you are looking for a micro wedding, a small intimate venue would be more suitable. At Roffey Park we have 60 en suite bedrooms and a licensed ceremony room for up to 120 guests meaning that we can host weddings on the larger side. Moreover, we have the capabilities of hosting an intimate ceremony too, if that is something you would prefer.

Venue access

Roffey Park is situated merely a 5-minute drive from the motorway but you would not know it. The backdrop of the finest rural tranquillity and stunning scenery that Sussex has to offer will make you feel like you are miles from any built-up urban area. To cater for this, we offer free parking and of course the aforementioned overnight accommodation.

Roffey park grounds

Venue location

This brings us on to the next important step when choosing the right venue for your wedding – location. Some couples have dreamt about having their wedding abroad, many are happy to travel afar and some prefer to be wed locally. This is entirely up to you but consider this within your budget. If the venue is slightly rural, or if a lot of the guests are travelling a considerable distance, will there be accommodation and free parking?

Understand your style

Now it is time to get creative. Understand your style and dream up the ways that you are going to make this wedding your own. If you have dreamt of a rustic wedding then a venue in the heart of the countryside is a good option for you. If you are a seasider perhaps a wedding on the coast, or a boat, would be more fitting.

Whatever your style, now is the time to think of the ways you are going to decorate, design and theme the venue to make it your own. To make this possible you are going to need a venue that can adapt to your needs. Here at Roffey Park we ensure we meet your demands to the best of our ability, including the decoration of the venue and a completely bespoke and flexible menu choice.

Venue facilities

For many couples, privacy is a must. We ensure a completely exclusive hire; you get the whole place to yourself. This does not just mean the ceremony and the reception but all of our delightful leisure facilities as well. If you would like or need some time to relax before or after the wedding, our swimming pool, jacuzzi and steam room will be the perfect way to do so. Perhaps you are more of an energetic person. If so, enjoying our fitness room or exploring St Leonard’s Forest will suit you better. If you don’t fancy neither of these, do not worry, the simplicity of taking in the idyllic grounds and views, smelling the flowers and watching the sunset is a beautiful alternative.

Hospitality team

Having the best hospitality team by your side will help your wedding run as smooth as possible. If you choose Roffey Park as the venue for you wedding day you will be approached by our experienced wedding planners. They will be your point of contact from the first meeting to the big day to provide continuity and reassurance. They will set the tone from day one and represent the incredible, friendly and warm service you will receive from all of our hospitality team. We offer a professional yet down to earth and personal service to make your day as comfortable as possible.

If you’re looking for a venue for your wedding then check out Roffey Park’s virtual tour to see what our venue can offer.

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